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Catamaran form stability ensures the M45 is steady whilst underway, in rough conditions and stable at anchor. The tranquility of a much larger yacht is achieved without the need for additional stabilisers. The twin inboard engines provide system redundancy to assure safety and security when it’s needed most. Fuel consumption is optimised through hull design and engine selection giving both financial and environmental benefits. The M45 has twin IPS500 engines delivering class leading performance, which when coupled with the revolutionary super low drag hull design, enables a top speed of 26 knots.


The M45 is a highly responsive and manoeuvrable boat due to widely spaced twin propellers.  The fly-by-wire inspired joystick and Skyhook positioning system, make the M45 a pleasure to control – docking the boat is effortless in all conditions.

MAKAI Power Catamarans Silver M45 Bow 4.
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M37 Power Catamaran Guest Cabin Interior

The spacious cabin design delivers full standing headroom in all areas of the M45. Staterooms in both hulls come furnished with double beds, with options for additional single beds for guests and children. The ensuite bathrooms elevate the M45 into a class of its own maintaining maximum privacy and comfort.


MAKAI 37 Power Catamaran Cockpit tinted


The Makai M45 incorporates superior audio-visual systems – fully configurable to create the ambient surroundings of your choice. The optional C-Zone system activates Day, Night and Twilight modes at the touch of a button. Premium sound system on deck and superior acoustical insulation in the engine room allow you to control your atmosphere for maximum comfort


Makai has selected the finest technology to install on board the M45 – cutting edge systems put this catamaran at the forefront; joystick control and Skyhook GPS positioning system  facilitate boat handling. The ergonomically designed cockpit has an unprecedentedly large display as standard and will put all desired technology at your fingertips; options include additional displays, fishfinders, scanners and cameras, including those with night vision capabilities.


Solar panels and high capacity Lithium Ion batteries are also available options, rendering lengthy engine runs for charging purposes a thing of the past. CZone Control and Monitoring replaces switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces providing ultimate control of onboard electrical systems.


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Exquisite craftsmanship is evident throughout the Makai M45, in keeping with the elegant lines from Italian design powerhouse Emanuele Rossi. The interior can be customised with choice of luxury textiles and finishes. Paint colours come with a 5 year guarantee against fading and are available in a wide range of metallic and gloss options to tailor every aspect of the M45.  All surfaces can be optionally protected with Marine Ceramic Pro.  Makai Yachts are designed and manufactured in Europe


The revolutionary semi-asymmetric hulls draw air under the wing to create high pressure between the hulls and low pressure outside of them. Makai is the first to achieve this hybrid of previous power catamaran philosophies. The Makai super low drag effect hull decreases fuel consumption and significantly improved top end performance


The Air-Glide system effectively acts as a shock absorber increasing efficiency proportionally with speed; a stable ride even at high speeds. The Tunnel Extension lengthens the tunnel’s operating space providing additional lift and countering the pitch effect of the stern drives. This provides a seamless transition from the catamaran’s hulls to the swim deck and eliminates resistance from prop wash and tunnel wake.


The ultimate combination of speed, comfort and fuel economy.

M45 621x242.png